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Who we are:


Welcome to SocialLt! We are a Digital Marketing Agency, made up of 2 mission driven women, soon to be another, and maybe that 'other' team member will be you!


We like to think that we are the agency our clients didn’t know they needed. And that’s because we tie in a lot more than just the basics of what a Digital Marketing Agency usually does.


We focus deeply on your WHY, because that is what will drive your business results. We focus on taking over the voice of our client and really learning their company from the inside out. 

Job Description: 


15 hours per month

$15/hr with raise at 3 months if qualified

12% commission on all sales

This is a part-time position that will give you the opportunity to expand on your skills as a social media marketer and sales representative.

It's not all gravy, and you do need to have at least 1 year experience in either sales or social media marketing.


This position will require you to do social media outreach on all SocialLt platforms, including but not limited to:






This means that you need to be comfortable sending authentic messages to our perfect buyer and start conversations that will lead to closed sales.

You will earn a commission on top of your base salary, which means the opportunities for you can be endless.

Our Ideal Candidate:


Our ideal candidate will be well versed in sales and in social media marketing, or have a large willingness to learn if they are not familiar with one of those areas. 


They will be organized and thrive in a solo environment, with freedom to make their own schedule. 


While you will have time freedom, it is important that you can manage your time properly to stick to the allotted time you are given per week to bring in sales. 

we are looking for someone who will be a great fit for our small but growing team, and can handle flexibility. 

noted: this position is remote, so weekly meetings and check-ins will be done via zoom, and all hours logged via our chosen crm. 

*please be familiar with these terms and platforms before applying.*


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