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Hey friends...

It seems that we have gone MIA yet again and while we are so used to apologizing for things like that, we are going to try and practice what we're about to preach and not apologize for needing a major reset.

This summer has been a huge shift for so many people, at least people in our orbit.

We've seen tons of breakups, businesses being created and businesses failing, engagement announcements, people realizing they hate their lives and people realizing they are so lucky for what they have. To sum up, everyones going through something big, whether that be good or bad.

And we are no different over here at the SocialLt remote offices.

We've felt that we needed to step back to really look at the business from a birds eye view. We've shifted from the old Starke Media when it was a solo-preneurship, we've gotten to the root of our dream client and the needs they have, but we haven't fully sat down and thought about what WE need from SocialLt.

We know our why and our mission and the vision and the this and the that, but when it comes to our individual lives (if you don't know us, we are two awesome ladies running the show), we weren't entirely sure what SocialLt was going to provide for us. Of course income and an incredible lifestyle, but what IS that lifestyle????

It's hard to plan when you're in a growth phase of letting go, but being in our mid-twenties and wanting to make some dreams come true, planning is necessary.

So balance has been key here, and now we are back to finding a balance that works.

Are you feeling like you need to properly reset? Do you feel the expectation to be okay with it all, but really you just need a minute to look at the big picture?

If this sounds like you, you're most definitely not alone, and you most definitely deserve the moment to breathe.

If you're also an entrepreneur and find that breathing is harder these days, you can always give us a call or send us an email. Our expertise is in taking the sh*t work off your plate and even though we haven't been active on the blog, we've made sure to never let our clients sit on the back burner.

We're all in this together!

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