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Running Your Business In The Feminine

Okay, so this is a topic that people may not know about, and some who think they do will roll their eyes.

But there are the few gems out there that know exactly what we’re talking about, and their businesses are thriving because of it.

So what is “The Feminine”?

Well, as our own business coach has taught us, it is simply embodying the inner goddess inside you, that’s always been dying to get out anyways.

And you know what, it is as floofy as it sounds. Because floofy is the feminine.

And we all have that in us. See, the thing is, we’ve been taught that feminine energy is exclusively reserved for women, primarily those who are emotionally charged and don’t know how to “handle” themselves.

But that’s just not true, and it never has been.

All genders embody these qualities, because these qualities are what make us innately human.

They are what help us survive, and what helps us to enjoy and find pleasure.

So naturally, we obviously need both of these things, right?

Well the problem lies here: women have been taught that being a business owner means being firmly in your masculine so you can compete with the guys.

And it has led us to burn out… fucking quick.

The era of women in business was booming for a short time, and rapidly started declining when we all realized that we are absolutely not capable of running our businesses the same as men.

I’m not here to say that our way is better… however, it is better for us.

The reason for this is because most men in business can operate on 5 hours of sleep, bland meals and rigid schedules. In fact, a lot of men thrive in that environment when they are building their careers.

But women, biologically, have qualities that make this impossible to sustain in the long term.

Our bodies, for one, are on a constant cycle of, “are we having babies?????”, which naturally causes us to go through a rollercoaster of emotions, physical challenges, and waves of creativity vs. logistics on a monthly basis.

We have ancestral blood running through us that comes from generations of mothers caring for the family, gathering and emotionally holding space for their loved ones.

Many women are empaths, meaning that they can feel the room before the room even knows what it’s feeling. This makes it hard to “trick” people into buying our shit, because we can tell when they feel slighted.

And there really is so much more to it. But even if I stop there, you can see how we just can’t operate as the “hunters”.

“In your face” sales tactics don’t work for us because we are not built that way. We are wired to listen, be authentic, to care for and nurture. So when we get into our careers or into business, it’s only normal that we quickly feel like we’re drowning. We are surrounded by hunters, trying to win the biggest prize, while all we want is to hear about our clients day and how their kids' dance recital went.

It’s a different ball game when you enter business as a woman. And it’s an even crazier shift when you start to learn more about what feminine and masculine energy actually means, and how you can use it to your advantage as a businesswoman.

If you want to learn more about this, our coach is pretty much the best of the best when it comes to these topics.

She’s taught us everything we know, and continues to teach us every day about how to run our business better to make us more money and to make more positive impact on peoples’ lives.

Check out some of her content at if your curiosity is peaked!

The women who have survived in business this long have had to make some incredibly challenging shifts in their lives and in their business, but because of that awareness, they are killing the game. We are learning how to be ourselves in a world where we’re taught to do the opposite.

So get out there and be YOU in your business or career, and stop trying to hang with the guys.

Trust me, they aren’t that cool ;)

Love you, and we’ll see you in the vortex!


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