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The outage... dun dun dun.

Well... if you are here reading this blog, then you probably were affected by the Facebook outage this week.

So let's taco bout it.

Were you affected?

Did you feel like your business was left hanging for the day?

I did.

And it was a reality punch to the gut.

Not only did it affect MY business, but it affected my clients' as well.

This made me feel like a complete failure for a good 12 hours. I felt that I had let my clients down by not setting them up with email campaigns sooner, not having their website finished in time for this type of outage, etc, etc.

Now, let's be clear.

NONE of us are "failures" for not being able to see into the future.

However, we ARE responsible for setting our businesses up right so that in these cases, everyone is still being taken care of.

This *mild* social media shutdown has taught pretty much every online business owner that our companies are so much MORE than just our social media.

There are a handful of different avenues we can take to communicate with our clients and audience.

Did we know this already? Yes.

But we also all know that Instagram/Facebook are AMAZING places to advertise our services for free, and this is why we depend so heavily on them.

So now we are sitting down, and reevaluating how we set up each client.

We are focusing on making sure that ALL platforms, including your website, are properly set up.

Whether this means weekly content being posted to your site, or having an email sent out to your audience once a week, we are ensuring that we cover all your bases so we aren't depending on one single platform to keep your business running.

Welcome to the online world my friends, where nothing is set in stone and there's always a chance for someone to sweep the rug out from under you!

Let's work together to make your voice loud and heard, no matter where you choose to speak.

Big love,


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