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Welcome to Starke Media


And welcome.

As it turns out, I AM an entrepreneur. Weird huh.

I will introduce myself here, and only once, because Starke Media is about way more than just me.

But hey. I am so happy and excited and grateful to be on this journey.

Starke Media was born this year, summer of 2021, by a girl who thought she was too young, too inexperienced, and didn't have a good enough work ethic.

That girl (me...otherwise this would be a weird story...) has been finding herself for years now.

And I wish I could say I have, but alas that is not the case.

I do, however, see the insurmountable beauty that surrounds me and my life these days. It's always been there, but it's so clear to me now that I have been GIVEN a life to live.

So what do I mean, that I've been finding myself but haven't?

I could go on about where I live, what jobs I've done in the past that have led me here, etc etc. But really, the reason I am here is because I started working on who I was and who I

About 3 and a half years ago, I attended a Tony Robbins event called Unleash The Power Within. This changed my life, but I wouldn't see the benefits till almost 3 years later.

I was quite young when I attended, and going through some life events that, while significant no matter the age, clouded my ability to see through the breakup I was dealing with and address my issues with self.

If you don't know much about Tony, he's a huge voice in the personal development world, and I highly HIGHLY recommend listening to some of his content.

So I attended this insane event that had intense effects on me and my psyche, in the best ways possible. While I was focused on healing from my breakup, the things I learned stuck with me up until today.

I have lived with limiting beliefs that have stopped me dead in my tracks when trying to level up, personally or in business.

I have stopped myself from trying new things, taking risks, and being authentic.

I have taken risks that made no sense even to me in the moment, because of these beliefs.

I have pushed people away, and isolated myself because of these beliefs.

And I have successfully started my second company at 24, with a monthly revenue of over 3k in my first 2 months and an employee added to my team because I let these beliefs go.

So when I say I have been looking for myself, but haven't found her yet, I finally feel ok with that statement. Because the girl I'm looking for has always been here, and will simultaneously never be found.

There is no end goal to who you become.

There is not a "perfect you".

I have so much work to do, with who I am as a woman and a leader. But this is me, raw and real, and this is my business.

We are more than excited to meet you.

To work with you.

To create with you.

To be real and raw with you.

Welcome to Starke Media, my Friends.

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