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Why Your Posts Are Getting Ignored

This is going to be one of those "hard to swallow" type blogs, but I promise it will be helpful for you in the future.

There are a couple reasons why your posts may be getting ignored, and we are going to cover them here.

But first and foremost, let's quickly talk about what happens before your posts get completely ignored and a total of 3 likes.

Setting yourself up with a content calendar and proper branding could possibly save your life when it comes to content creation and ongoing posts. Oh, and if you aren't posting regularly... like at least 5 times per week, then I would circle back to the drawing board and meet me here once you've figured that out.

But after you've decided to post the proper amount, it's imperative that you set up at least a rough outline of what you're going to be talking about each week. From there, break the week down into days/filler posts, and on you go.

Now, to the juicy part of the blog.

Why the eff are my posts getting ignored after putting in all this extra effort?

Let's get into it.

1. You're shadow banned. And this could be for a number of reasons, but it's quite possibly the most annoying because it takes time and the help of your followers to get you showing up on the feed again. Unfortunately, it seems as though Instagram makes up its own rules on what they think is "ok content", so for now, sticking within Instagrams rules and guidelines is a sure way to avoid getting The Ban. Getting your followers to share your posts in their stories and comment/like/save is also a great way to increase engagement and lift the shadow ban.

2. You have a ton of followers that AREN'T within your perfect buyer persona. This is a common thing to run into nowadays, especially with the length of time Instagram has been around. Most people have already signed up for a few accounts since the Gram came out full force in 2010. If you're in your 20's

or younger, then "Finsta" might ring a bell. So long story short, you may be using an old account and repurposing it. While that's good and dandy, your followers may be extremely confused when they find you're now posting about your favourite recipes and not the things you were trying to hide from your parents. Take stock of your followers and give yourself a refresh. Less followers can sometimes mean MORE engagement. Weird, right?

3. Last tip, you aren't giving your audience what they want. You are posting what you think is relevant and not doing the market research to find out what problems your dream client is running into on a regular basis. This should realistically be done at the very beginning of your content strategy, but if you find that your posts are getting ignored, then maybe you need to re-evaluate what your perfect buyer really needs to hear from you.

I told you, this one wasn't going to be easy to swallow, but I promise if you

these tips and at the very least take them into consideration, you'll start to see an increase in engagement and more authentic followers.

Like with anything, it won't happen overnight. Consistency is key especially when we're talking social media, so keep at it! And remember, we're always here if you need some extra hands on deck. 👐🏼

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