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You're allowed to dream bigger

Hey hey!

It’s nice to be back here writing, sharing and connecting with new people.

It’s almost MARCH! Can you believe it? We are so close to spring, which means more sun, more beach days, more road trips and more cocktails on the patio.

With that being said, things are shifting rapidly in business as well.

In the first year, this is very common. You will see this happen for a lot of new business owners, and it’s totally normal.

If you’re one of those CEO’s, and you’re feeling a little uncomfortable about raising your prices, or changing your buyer persona, we FEEL you.

Because that’s exactly where we’re at right now, too!

We have just increased our prices, and are in an uncomfortable spot of trying to figure out who our perfect client is. And that means a lot of meetings, conversations, journaling, meditating, and revisiting the business model.

I am here to tell you that when you’re feeling squirmy is when it’s most important to get out of your own way and allow yourself to grow.

Right now, we, being our team, are doing a 5 Day Abundance Workshop and learning so much about our vibrations and how we can start to really manifest success for ourselves and our clients.

This workshop has opened our eyes to different ways of living and running Starke Media, and it’s already shifted how we are operating in our day to day.

One of the biggest takeaways after only two days has been how much we demonize the things that we want, simply because we don’t think we are capable of achieving it.

And this is completely true when it comes to your business.

We tend to look at successful companies, and things like “that must be nice” go through our heads, and right then and there we have stopped ourselves from being capable of achieving what we truly want.

Starke Media is no different. We have those moments and wonder, “what the hell do a couple of mid-twenty year olds think they’re doing???” and then we have to consciously choose to snap out of it, move out of the way and remind ourselves that we all have a seat at the table just as much as anyone else.

The same goes for you.

Whatever you feel is holding you back, or whatever stories you’ve created around your business or even your personal life, remember that they are just that. Stories.

It’s time that as a whole, as a society, we stop demonizing success. We stop demonizing asking for more when we know we are worth more.

It’s not greedy to know your worth. It’s smart. It’s honest. It’s helpful to the people you serve.

Does this resonate with you? Do you feel like sometimes you avoid going for what you want because you think that you don’t deserve it, or because you think things like, “that’s materialistic, I don’t need that to be happy”?

Let us know! We have to open the dialogue on this topic, because we truly believe that the only way we can change the world and make a difference is by more people, who have a real mission and a huge heart, becoming wealthy and making more money.

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